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Sauveur produces creative events with a personal and personable touch considering the journey which every person will go through from start to finish – choosing never to compromise on this for the sake of aesthetics or anything else.

By beginning with the hosts and their guests and designing beautiful weddings and parties from their experience upwards, the result is expertly crafted and vibrant luxury events which work on every level. From the event design down to the schedule and guest communications, we consider the people involved at every step of the way ensure every detail is identified and delivered.

[ why we do it. ]

Sauveur recognises that the way people want to celebrate has shifted since the pandemic. With people finding even more joy in being able to celebrate life’s precious moments with friends and family.

Sauveur believes the industry must shift as a result and is redefining events production to meet these new needs and desires. The team has an ever-present passion for bringing people together and relishing in the human moments that bring events to life.

[ how we do it. ]

Sauveur is guided by three pillars that anchor everything they do: People, Detail, Experience.

By continuously responding to these three requirements, with robust budgeting, considered timelines, and an open, collaborative approach, Sauveur creates luxury, perfectly balanced events with both flair and focus.

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    Concepts & Event Identity, Invitations & Stationery, Guest List & RSVP


    Venue Finding, Flowers & Installations , Technical Production, Staging & Set Build


    Fresh, Creative Menus, Fine Wines, Cocktails


    Guest Management & Logistics, Staffing & Hosts, Transport & Hotels


    Innovative Entertainment, Photography & Videography, Children’s Entertainment, Hair, Make- Up & Wellness

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